Websites & Hosting

We provide custom website design services for organizations or individuals. We can help you launch a new website or maintain an existing website. We also offer website hosting for your convenience, as we are able to manage the reliability of front and back-ends of a website. If you’d rather handle arranging website hosting yourself, we can help you select a host and plan that will fit your current and future needs.

Custom Computers

Why would you buy a custom computer? Custom computers fill key areas of need: on-site servers, high end gaming computers, computers for 3D design and modeling, intensive video editing and animation, and repurposing older computers. 

You are investing in an asset, not a consumable commodity. A custom built PC can be easily upgraded, up-cycled, and recycled as necessary along its dynamic life.

We build custom desktop computers and servers in various sizes and form factors to fit you. Our systems are designed with a system service life of 3 – 5 years, with periodic hardware upgrades implemented as needed.

We offer solutions for full ownership and lease ownership of your computer or server.  You can opt to utilize or our managed software services to keep the computer running at top performance.  Contact us today to see how a custom computer can serve you.

Managed Services

We provide managed services that support your technology once it is set-up and running. The most common managed services apply to the computers you use: remote assistance, security software, and backup solutions, to name a few. We research and select industry leading software solutions to include in our managed services and partner with those companies to provide you the most value and expertise.

We craft service plans to fit your needs and budget. We recognize that companies and organizations each have different preferences for how their technology is handled and managed. We provide best practice suggestions and work with you to cover the areas where you see a need.

System Integration

Your technology systems should work together to provide you the most efficiency and freedom to focus on what you do best. Is your technology supporting you the way you think it should? We can help identify areas of you existing systems that can be improved. We also provide the resources and know-how to acquire the new technology and integrate it amongst your existing systems.

Are you starting up a new company or have a new office space to fill? We can supply and configure the technology you need. We plan with you to achieve goals and find solutions that fit your budget.